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17 ‘harry potter’ book covers from around the world. The first book was released in june 1997, but harry celebrates his birthday on july 31st, hence this little special celebration!

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Rowling) and was designed like it is harry potter’s book.


Best harry potter book covers. See more ideas about harry potter book covers, harry potter (book), harry potter. Junipers books have these special edition hard cover versions of the harry potter and the cursed child. We can all agree that the harry potter phenomenon is one of the best things that has ever happened to the world.

We’ve compiled ten of our favourite book covers — from the gorgeous, to the unique, to the downright bizarre!. The story of harry potter and the wizarding world will live forever, but the book cover art that depicts his adventures will not. From little kids to grandparents, every person has heard about the young and brave wizard harry potter who’s fighting against the evil and dark lord voldemort.

One of the easiest items of decor were these harry potter book covers.i purchased a package of parchment paper like this paper on amazon.i tried to find parchment paper in a craft store and they. It has the book number at the top, series (harry potter), book name (and the sorcerer’s stone), author’s name, collection name. The title is placed on the book in a large font using the other features of the cover.

Ranking “harry potter” covers from best to worst. And does harry have a spray tan on the last cover? It has sold over 500 million copies and translated into over 80 languages.

Illustrator mary grandpré designed the covers for the harry potter series, and she’s done a fantastic job. Harry potter book covers all around the world. See more ideas about harry potter book covers, harry potter, harry potter (book).

Not everyone’s face needs to be on every book. Rowling your imagination takes off while reading fantasy books, and you can’t stop picturing the characters and scenes. In this article, tech in future has listed 10 best book covers for harry potter, even include the original one.

It doesn’t seem possible, especially for those of us who grew up with this series, that 20 years have flown by. You can pick between four the four. I’m sorry, but the illustration style is condescending and the faces are bad.

Original uk image via flipsnack. January 30, 2015 at 2:38 pm. The story is set 19 years in the future and follows harry’s youngest son, albus, as he starts his hogwarts journey.

Happy birthday to our favourite wizard, harry james potter! That’s the first in the series, just to clarify. Check out these harry potter book covers from around the world.

10 best harry potter book covers for children and adult 1. Print these free printable harry potter book covers to decorate for a harry potter party. From the uk to china, here are the ten best harry potter covers.

This month we’re celebrating 20 years since harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone was published. 10 books to read if you like harry potter. With a new order of the phoenix hogwarts house edition set to be released in june, it is a good time as any to look back at all the amazing cover art that the potter series has produced.

Uk illustrator olly moss was commissioned. Harry looks like seven different people. The artist who drew this cover clearly longs for a world where harry potter crosses over with the redwall novels.

Harry potter and the philosopher's stone first hit shelves in the united kingdom on june 26, 1997, arriving stateside as harry potter and the. My friend and i just hosted a harry potter dinner that was so fun! The 7 best harry potter covers of all time.

Since harry potter and the philosopher's stone was published in 1997, there have been many different covers published for j.k. Harry potter book covers free printables. This book was written by newt scamander (the fake name of j.

All the harry potter book covers are worth to collect or print. There is the golden snitch, the hogwarts acceptance letter, the sorcerer’s stone, and some pretty white magic. September 15, 2014 at 9:47 pm.

Harry potter series by j. Every harry potter ever, obviously. Covers are from the us, uk, and other countries.

I like the new american versions the best. Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone book cover The us and uk editions of the harry potter books feature some of the first and most iconic illustrations of the wizarding world, but the wealth of ‘potter’ artwork is truly global.

‘deathly hallows’ (mary grandpré, usa) When it comes to foreign covers of harry potter novels, they usually show bizarre representations of actual events from the book.the albanian cover of the first book goes for a different approach.


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