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We use established security procedures to protect your account. Moreover, i like their service, and in the near future i will use their services more💯.

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One thing i would say a crm tool is an excellent way to increase your direct bookings and trying to beat and the other otas at their own game.


Is safe to use. They are in the business for years now and they are one of the biggest booking websites out there. With, it is all in one site, offers not bad. If you read their small print in conditions they can legally do what they have done to me.

I have been waiting since june 22, 2021 for a refund even though i have called and emailed both and the hotel. Get the #1 source for reviews & feedback 2020. Get reviews 2020 and customer reviews.

It actually is the closest platform to booking direct with the hotel, as it only facilitates data transfer, so technically you aren't booking with them, you're booking *through* them. To really get to want you want, you have to wade through the sites. Why do you think it is not safe? i have used it all over the world, most recently in paris in early 2018 and since then in barcelona, baltimore, new york city austin, and montego bay without any problems.

Most sites are fairly easy to use. And their behavior is also good. is reliable and safe. chose not to respond to reasonable request move out a booking due to current travel restrictions and took the option to charge a cancellation fee of 50%. Meaning the credit card details got stolen and some one else is simply ordering. You should report any health and safety incidents to your local authorities, as well as to by phone or on the extranet.

Now with a upcoming holiday i've booked again at about 6 different hotels all in the usa. Booking straight to through hotel websites isn’t too difficult, but also not as easy. 1,981 reviews for, 1.6 stars:

I've used for a while now and i really liked it. I recently rented a car on this site and it was very convenient for me. But it was a very happy mistake.

They took my card details and i had several emails confirming my booking then after i had arranged the rest of the holiday, one week later they asked for a further €780 for the hotel. The first time i went to italy, i accidentally booked using, it was very late, in my defense, lol. How does make use of social media?

At, we use social media in different ways. Their service was very fast. The contract hotels have with booking makes it very expensive for a hotel to sell a room through booking and then not honor that reservation when the guest shows up on premises.

The service is a sham and endeavours to isolate itself from direct communication and does not log any request through the customer service app. Not only will the hotel be liable for this specific misse. I use experience hotel, my direct bookings have increased by x2 and revenue increased by 25%

Is safe to use? A while after booking about 25 amazon charges were made. Is agoda a legit, safe & reliable website to use?

I always use to look for hotel rooms. Hi guys, i've used for a while now and i really liked it. Now with a upcoming holiday i've booked again at about 6 different hotels all in the usa.

Tons of people use it and refer others to it. I've booked over 15 hotels and it always was a pleasure. As mentioned, is the biggest hotel only ota in the world, and a very reliable site.

Been bounced back and forth to find out from customer service that the refund just got processed 3 days ago and to please be patient 15 days for my refund.i've already been waiting since june. I use begrudgingly they really are a necessary evil. is a huge company.

How to stay safe online as a user of our platform, you can keep your accounts and identity protected by looking out for emails that contain links and/or attachments, emails that ask you to sign in, or emails that ask you to enter personal or financial info. is a popular travel and booking site that makes finding and reserving your lodgings quick and easy. Then i go directly to the hotel to compare prices & find 90% of the time booking direct with the hotel is cheaper.

If you need to book for your next trip, is a very safe platform that you can use. I've booked over 15 hotels and it always was a pleasure.

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