What Does Crooks Tell Lennie

In chapter 4, she insults lennie, candy, and crooks, telling them that they are all cowards. What characteristics about lennie mollify his aloofness?

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So, when lennie steps into his room in the barn, crooks cruelly tells him to leave, displaying some resentment, as well:

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What does crooks tell lennie. He also implies that he isjealous that lennie has george, and that lennie is lucky to have somebody. Curley's wife threatens crooks with lynching. Candy appears and talks with lennie about the rabbits.

3) why does lennie get mad at crooks? Lennie tells crooks about the plan he and george have (and now candy as well) to get a little farm together. Lennie is tough and tall, he is a child in a man’s body.

Lennie will be able to tend the rabbits, and as he and crooks sit in. His disarming smile, mental disability, and his innocence. 2) why does crooks tell lennie about his childhood?

During the conversation, lennie tells crooks about the dream of owning a farm. Since lennie cannot answer the question (he does not understand its meaning), crooks answers it for him: When crooks is talking to lennie in the barn, it is very obvious that he is lonely.

Crooks begins to upset and worry lennie by. When curley’s wife see that lennie’s face is bruised what does she think: How does his isolation tell us about his place in the world?

Crooks is interested in joining them. When candy says that he and lennie would tell on her for framing crooks, she counters by saying no one will listen to the old swamper. When she continues to talk to lennie, crooks tells her she has no right in his room and that he is going to tell the boss to keep her out.

Curley’s wife lives in a dream world: He says to lennie that “george can tell you screwy things, and it don’t matter,” (pg. Crooks, a black man, isolated due to his color.

They'll take ya to the booby hatch. Why does crooks have so many possessions: Secondly, crooks words enforce the theme of the american dream and it's futility.

Crooks says, ''a guy goes nuts if. How do crooks words to lennie about loneliness reinforce this theme of the novel? These men were forced to wander from ranch to ranch seeking temporary employment, to live in bunk houses with strangers, and to suffer the abuses of arbitrary bosses.

What did crooks and lennie talk about? When lennie enters his room, crooks realizes that he is in a uniquely powerful position and feels superior to lennie, who is mentally handicapped. Crooks tells lennie, within his speech on loneliness, that having one's one plot of land is an impossible dream and that success is so unlikely there is little point in trying.

Crooks so enjoys lennie's discomfiture that he even goes so far as to tell lennie what will happen if george does disappear. Additionally, crooks is forbidden from most of the places or activities associated with the white men on the ranch; What does crook say to lennie about loneliness?

Comment by wamanda april 20, 2007 @ 9:05 am. She is care free, but she doesn’t know what the real would is: So this is his opportunity to control the situation for once.

Crooks used lennies unintelligence to get want he wanted to know, crooks is minipulative and shouldn’t have used lennie. The more crooks presses lennie, the more lennie becomes scared and upset. In john steinbeck's of mice and men, lennie and crooks, an unlikely pair, isolated from society face social prejudice.

During this conversation, crooks asks lennie what he would do if george got hurt. Lennie and crooks in john steinbeck's of mice and men. His offer to help on the farm and that he was kidding:

Crooks tells him and lennie that they will not own a farm, but candy explains that they have money to buy it. Crook told lennie that he played with children and that his dad got mad at him and he didnt understand why until he grew up (discrimination). Crooks tells lennie, i tell ya a guy gets too lonely an' he gets sick..

Crooks bored in on him. I think that crook had no right to do that and it was a very mean thing to do. Comment by davidobrien722 april 19, 2007 @ 10:38 pm.

She goes on to insult her husband, telling them that she isn't going to stay confined in their small house and that she knows his hand is busted because he was beaten in a fight—though he claims to be incredibly tough. Lennie will be ableto tend the rabbits, and as he and crooks sit in crooks' room outin. What does crook tell lennie and candy to forget:

Lennie and crooks, work on the old man’s farm. That lennie had gotten into a fight: I ain't wanted in the bunk house, and you ain't wanted in my room. in addition, because the white men call him names as exemplified in chapter 2 when the field workers came back from the fields, and a man called out to him using a racial slur, crooks.

Want me ta tell ya what'll happen? Crooks tells lennie that land is like heaven. They decide to give george a head start to find lennie before telling the others while he is waiting for george in the clearing what to hallucinations does lennie have a big rabbit (that tells him he can't tend the rabbits) and his aunt clara

He starts to question the relationship between george and lennie. The threats crooks poses cover everything from george's leaving voluntarily to dying in an accident. The itinerant farm worker of the great depression found it nearly impossible to establish a fixed home.

What does crook say to lennie about loneliness? What does crooks say to lennie about loneliness? Crooks tells lennie that he experienced loneliness as a child due to his race and was often not allowed to play with neighborhood kids.

As lennie circles dangerously close to crooks, crooks realizes the danger he is in and gently calms lennie down, explaining that george is not hurt and that he was just supposin'. crooks then talks about his own loneliness. But it doesn't stop there. They'll take ya to the booby hatch.

I tell ya,” he cried, “ i tell ya a guy gets too lonely an’ he gets sick.” these words epitomize the central theme of the story because each of the men in the farm are in the same situation as crooks, whether they have someone to talk to or not. Lennie tells crooks about the plan he and george have (and nowcandy as well) to get a little farm together. Crooks doesn’t believe that it will ever happen.

4) explain what it means when it says “he kept his distance and expected others to keep theirs” 5) why is it important that lennie goes to crooks’ room?

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